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Most of my childhood was spent on the street playing street games. We didn’t call it “street games” though, it was just what we did. It was our way of life. Growing up in Brooklyn, the street was my playground. Everyday I looked forward to stepping outside my house and discovering what adventures may unfold. Who will be home to play? What game will we play? Will we hang out in the clubhouse that we built in the alley way? Watching TV was something we did on saturday mornings, who would want to miss an episode of The Super Friends? Other than that, what else was there to do but play outside?

We had no ipods or ipads. We had “istreet” and “iplay”.

The games we played on our block back in the 70’s and 80’s taught me so many things. First of all, it was all…

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About cmallari

Art Ed student | Aesthetics | Multimedia | Performing Arts | Cyclist | Outdoors | Yoga | Nature | Painting | Surrealism | Creativity | Happiness I am a student of the University of the Philippines College of Education. Major in Art Ed. I came from UP Open University which promotes on the Alternative Learning System. Therefore, I also have a keen interest on technology integration in the classroom, classroom managament online system like Moodle, and others. Let's teach children of today for their yesterday's tomorrow :)

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